Olivier Mosset


Swiss, born in 1944, Bern, Switzerland. Based in Tucson, Arizona


Artist Olivier Mosset, along with Daniel Buren, Michel Parmentier, and Niele Toroni, was a member of the BMPT art collective in the 1960s, a Parisian group dedicated to interrogating ideas about creative authorship. BMPT believed that the art object itself was more relevant than its creator. Mosset is best known for his series of monochrome paintings, each featuring a black circle, of which he produced hundreds. Most recently, Mosset created a series of ice sculptures that reference the Swiss anti-tank roadblocks, called Toblerones, built during World War II. Although never formally belonging to the Neo-Geo movement, Mosset’s work has been linked with artists associated with the style such as Ashley Bickerton and Peter Halley.

Available Work