Quentin Lefranc: Walk on the wild side

18 May - 2 July 2023 QG Knokke

QG is pleased to announce an exhibition of Quentin Lefranc’s work

Envisioned as a place of study, architecture serves as a framework, a territory, a playground, to Quentin Lefranc’s work. Always, he establishes a conversation between the site and what is materialized in it. Established at the junction of diverse disciplines, his pieces operate as interludes open in space. By assembly or juxtaposition, he questions the signature elements that compose them, plays with their ambit, their stories, their attributions.

By rolling the dice, he explores their receptiveness, the hierarchies, the conditions of existence of the challenged elements. If a sculptural dimension prevails, his work favors a scope for action rather than a practice. He distorts the usual itineraries to better reenact the authoritative figures. Each time, it is a mise-en-scène of the structure that is proposed to reflect on the enlarged space of the art work. The whole installs a confusion not only on our perception but on its status.