Minimal Structure

7 September - 22 December 2017 QG Brussels

Welcome to the "Minimal Structure" exhibition at QG Gallery. Immerse yourself in the world of minimalism and discover the works of renowned artists Walter Leblanc, Francois Morellet, and Julian Stanczak.

Walter Leblanc, a Belgian painter and member of the Zero Group, utilized metal and string torsions to create his unique aesthetic. His works have been showcased in prestigious exhibitions, including retrospectives at the Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique and the Guggenheim in New York.

Francois Morellet, a French painter and sculptor, is hailed as one of the pioneers of minimalism and post-war geometric abstraction. His influential works have been featured in major museums worldwide, such as the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

Julian Stanczak, a Polish-born American artist, was a central figure in the Op Art movement. Known for his optical paintings, Stanczak's works have been exhibited in numerous museum exhibitions and retrospectives, including those at the Cleveland Institute of Art and the Akron Art Museum.

In addition to these esteemed artists, we are delighted to present Saïd Belmir as our guest designer. Belmir, a French architect and designer, has created the stunning XX table, drawing inspiration from Mauresque Art and Gothic architecture. This modern interpretation of Islamic Art showcases exquisite craftsmanship without the need for screws or glue. The design has received accolades, including the Silver Prize at the International A'Design Award and a nomination for the "Designer of the Year" title.

Join us at QG Gallery to explore the minimalist masterpieces and innovative design of the "Minimal Structure" exhibition. Experience the simplicity, precision, and beauty that define this captivating artistic movement.

Installation Views