The Edge

1 August - 13 September 2020 QG Knokke

Welcome to the captivating exhibition, "The Edge," at QG Gallery. Inspired by Sam Francis's iconic Edge Paintings series from the mid-60s, this showcase pays homage to the pioneers who have redefined abstraction over the past 50 years.

"The Edge" brings together a distinguished group of artists who have pushed the boundaries of artistic expression. Step into a world where Josef Albers's exploration of color and form challenges our perception of space. Encounter Alan Charlton's minimalist compositions, where simplicity and precision evoke a profound sense of contemplation.

Marvel at the dynamic brushstrokes and vibrant hues of Sam Francis, whose Edge Paintings epitomize the freedom and energy of abstract expressionism. Experience Gunther Förg's bold experimentation with materials and scale, blurring the line between painting and sculpture.

Discover Olivier Mosset's exploration of geometric patterns and repetition, inviting us to reflect on the intersection of art and perception. Witness Kenneth Noland's innovative approach to color and shape, creating dynamic compositions that captivate the eye.

Immerse yourself in the enigmatic sculptures of Richard Nonas, where raw materials and abstract forms evoke a tactile and emotional response. Experience the rhythm and precision of Jan Schoonhoven's intricate white reliefs, showcasing the power of light and shadow.

"The Edge" is a celebration of the pioneers who have shaped the evolution of abstraction. Join us at QG Gallery and embark on a journey through time, where art transcends boundaries and challenges our understanding. Discover the transformative power of abstract art as it pushes the limits and explores new horizons.

Engage with the rich tapestry of artistic visions in "The Edge," where innovation, experimentation, and the spirit of exploration come together. This exhibition invites you to delve into the depths of abstract expression and embrace the beauty of the unknown.