South Korea vs. The World

8 May - 4 July 2021 QG Knokke

Join us at QG Gallery for the new exhibition, "South Korea VS the World," in collaboration with Lee Bauwens Gallery. Opening on May 8, 2021, in Knokke, this curated showcase invites you to delve into a captivating dialogue between two distinct artistic realms.

As you enter the gallery, prepare to be immersed in a vertical division that splits the space into two parts, each facing the other. On one side, discover the mesmerizing works of Chun Kwang Young, Kim Hyun Sik, Jiana Kim, Moon pil shim, and other prominent South Korean artists. Experience the rich tapestry of their cultural heritage, innovative techniques, and profound explorations of identity, tradition, and modernity.

On the opposing side, encounter a remarkable selection of international artists. Delve into the visionary creations of Daniel Buren, Antonio Calderara, Imi Knoebel, Robert Mangold, and more. Witness the diverse perspectives, styles, and conceptual approaches that define the global art scene.

This mirror exhibition acts as a platform for cross-cultural exchange, fostering a dialogue between South Korea and the world. Explore the contrasts, connections, and shared experiences that emerge when these two worlds intersect. Immerse yourself in the transformative power of art as it transcends boundaries and unites us all.

Don't miss this opportunity to engage with the dynamic juxtaposition of "South Korea VS the World." Join us at QG Gallery and embark on a journey of cultural exploration, artistic discovery, and global connectivity.

Installation Views